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General Questions

Is Founders Shooting Club private?

Yes, Founders Shooting Club is a private club. You must be a member or guest of a member to use the Club or range.

Is there a public range?

While Founders Shooting Club is private, our partner business, Apex Shooting Center is located in the same building. Apex Shooting Center offers range lane rental to the general public, training classes and a retail firearms store. The club and public facilities are completely separate and club members have exclusive access to club ranges and amenities.

Can I purchase a gun from, or have a gun shipped to Founders Shooting Club?

Yes. Our partner business Apex Shooting Center, located on-site is a full-service dealer. We stock the top brands and are a full-service FFL. Members of Founders Shooting Club receive discounts on purchases and transfers.

Membership Questions

How much does a membership cost?

There is a $3,500 one-time initiation fee. Monthly dues are $229.

What is included in my membership dues?

Unlimited use of the range with no lane fees, and access to all of the club’s amenities. Some amenities such as events, training, spa services, etc will incur additional fees.

Is my spouse included in my membership?

Your spouse may come to the Club any time with you. If your spouse would like to have their own access card to come on their own, there is an additional charge of $50 per month. There is no additional initiation fee for a spouse.

Are my children included in my membership?

Your children are allowed to come to the club with you at any time. Adult children of a member, aged 21-25 are eligible for a Junior Membership. Junior members can obtain their own access card for $50 per month and pay no initiation fee. Upon reaching the age of 25, a Junior member transitions to their own membership and pays full dues, but pays no initiation fee.

What is the policy on members who are certified instructors?

Founders Shooting Club and Apex Shooting Center offer a full array of training classes and private instruction from our full-time instructors on staff. Members who are certified instructors are not allowed to conduct classes or bring their students to the club for training.

What is the guest policy?

A member may bring guests to use the Club at any time. A member is responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests while visiting the Club, with special emphasis on safety rules. Guests must be under the direct supervision of the member while in the range. Members are asked to bring only two guests into the range at a time. Others may wait in the lounge. A member and their guest(s) may only occupy one shooting lane.

At this time, we have not placed a limit on the number of guests a member may bring in a time period, nor how many times a particular guest may come. If any particular guest is coming with you often to the range, we’d ask you to encourage that guest to join the club. We do reserve the right to change this policy in the future if necessary. We may also limit the number of times any person is permitted to use the range as a guest and/or to limit how many guests a particular member may bring to the facility if we believe that the guest policy is being abused.

Range Questions

What size is the range?

Founders Shooting Club has one dedicated 7-lane, 25 yard shooting bay. In addition, we have access to two additional bays that are normally used by the public range but can be dedicated to the Club for events or additional capacity as needed. In such a situation, only club members would use the additional bay(s), not the public. Lastly, we have space in the building to build an additional seven lanes if demand dictates.

What calibers are allowed on the range?

The range can accommodate all pistol calibers, up to .500 S&W Magnum when fired from a pistol or revolver. Rifles calibers are allowed up to .308 Winchester. Shotguns and black powder firearms are not allowed. No armor-piercing, incendiary or tracer ammunition is allowed.

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